Struggles businesses have without an EPOS system

An EPOS, electronic point of sale, is a computerised system for recording sales, taking payments, monitoring stock, and generating reports. 

EPOS systems are capable of increasing efficiency and turnaround through pure automation. It aids in preventing personnel from wasting time accessing numerous separate applications to manage and monitor the business. It also significantly reduces the inevitable human error that comes with manual processes. They are also very beneficial in helping your business provide a seamless shopping experience to your customers. 

In the past, EPOS technology was only adopted by larger enterprises. As the technology has become more affordable, SMEs now have the opportunity to be able to adopt them.

EPOS systems have become essential for businesses as the trading climate becomes more and more challenging and competitive. Having an EPOS system in place allows your business to remain profitable in a volatile climate. However, a smaller business may find the leap from a cash register to a fully functional EPOS system costly and unnecessary. 

We’ve highlighted some of the ways your business may struggle if you don’t have an EPOS system in place and what advantages and capabilities you would be missing out on. 


EPOS systems help you deal with your struggles with stock management efficiency 

Without an EPOS system, your business will struggle to efficiently monitor stock levels. Manual stock control processes mean you have to spend extra time recording, logging, and monitoring your inventory. It’s also not easy to identify the top-selling items that you need to re-order or identify what your slowest selling items are that you need to suspend.

Businesses continually struggle to have the correct product amounts to satisfy consumer demands.

Even if you use an excel spreadsheet to manage your stock it is still time-consuming and can lead to errors as data is being entered manually. This is why having an EPOS system that includes stock management tools allows you to automate this process. You will save time and effort and it is infinitely more accurate.


An EPOS helps you deal with all your business reporting struggles 

Business owners that do not use key reporting tools to manage their business will struggle to make the correct decisions about the future of their firm.

An EPOS system allows you to see all your business’s transactions instantly. You can set up automated reports to provide updates however frequently you want. Reports on your inventory, personnel, and sales can also be created with ease.

A sales report will allow you to easily identify top-selling items, analyse your income and expenses, and run comparison reports. This will allow you to determine how your business is performing over time. You can identify what areas of your business need improving and what is already working well for your business. 

You need to rely on accurate and trustworthy information to make the correct decisions regarding your business. An EPOS system is the best tech to improve your business. Without it, you will struggle to steer your company in the right direction because most decisions will be based on speculation. 

With an EPOS system, you can save time and redirect it to improving other key areas of your business 

Your processes are not automated if you do not have an EPOS system. This is more labour intensive. You’re wasting time that could be spent on more important things like increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

When your key processes are automated they require less time and effort to carry out. You may then use the time and energy you save to raise your customer satisfaction levels. This can mean having more time for in-person interactions. You can do this by chatting with your regulars and giving them more attention or asking your customers for feedback to gauge what they are happy with and what areas of your business they think need improving.


An EPOS system allows you to be agile in your operations

Mobile payment technology is key to allowing you to offer a quick and seamless shopping experience to your customers. 

Technology has advanced to a point where EPOS systems no longer just come in the form of fixed terminals at the counter but mobile devices too. These can include tablets or even more convenient handheld devices. This allows you to serve your customers from anywhere on your premises. The customer payment and order process is instantly sped up reducing your queue times at your store which automatically enhances your customer satisfaction levels. It also saves you time.

All businesses struggle with having more time to devote to customer care and being able to provide consumers with quick services. A mobile EPOS system can be used to tackle these problems instantly.

To sum up

Having an effective EPOS system in place automates your processes saving you time to focus on other areas of your business. It provides you with accurate data to make informed decisions about your business and allows you to meet consumer demands for a quick and seamless shopping experience. Without it, your business will struggle in all these key areas that will ultimately impact the survival of your business.

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If you are tired of struggling with a simple cash register and are looking to upgrade to an effective EPOS system then get in touch. Our licence options have 3 different levels – Lite, core, and plus. We have software options to support all businesses. To find out more contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales representatives. They can tailor a quote to your company’s specific requirements. 

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