4 Ideas for small businesses to consider

To run a successful small business, it is essential to be productive and organised. Even if your company is running smoothly, there is always room for improvement. 

Product quality will improve as your business becomes more efficient. You will also improve your customer experience, employee satisfaction, accomplishing more with fewer resources, and, of course, profitability.

Continue reading to learn 4 tips for making your small businesses more efficient.

1- Begin by determining the best payment method for your customers.

When it comes to running a small business, payment comes first. With the world going cashless, it’s important to have your customers’ preferred payment method. Taking payments is a breeze with our portable card reader. Card readers are available for all types of businesses. Allowing customers to pay in the way they prefer, whether it’s chip and pin, contactless, or via their mobile device.

If your small business already has a card machine that isn’t working out, such as high fees or a slow card machine, why not consider using our card machine?

Our card machines accept payments in a fraction of a second, with lightning-fast connectivity and security.

If you are a small business or have a side hustle you can download our Moola app. We created an app that allows Android users to accept payments directly from their smartphones. This app is now available on The Google Play Store. Our app eliminates the need for additional hardware, bulky terminals, and the hassle of card machines. The app is free to download and has no monthly fees. You only have to pay our low payment processing fees of 1.25% plus 3p per transaction for UK debit and credit cards. 

2- Use technology to improve efficiency.

Technology can help you improve your day-to-day tasks by speeding up existing processes or introducing new, more flexible ways of doing things.

Your business can choose EPOS systems they will greatly benefit your small business by allowing you to save time and streamline your business processes.

We offer mobile or fixed EPOS. Choose the configuration that best supports your business, with the flexibility to add terminals as your company grows. Our EPOS system provides 30 different reports, including cashing up, top 20 products, profitability, and low stock. These reports will enable you to manage and control your business in order to maximise profit, maintain control, and scale effectively.

3- Make sure you have an efficient loyalty program.

Customer loyalty programmes are a great way for small businesses to provide incentives and rewards to their shoppers. Consumers and businesses both benefit from loyalty programs. It encourages buyers to return for a discount or free item. 

Why not sign up with motto to receive an integrated, hassle-free loyalty solution with multiple features tailored to your business? motto converts customer payment cards into loyalty cards, eliminating the need for separate loyalty cards or paper stamp cards. It works for all of your customers.

You can decide what incentive to give and when to give it. You can run as many campaigns as you want, whenever you want. Make your customers’ experience exciting!

4- Create an online delivery platform for your business. 

If you have your own food business, this one is for you. Make your business more efficient by integrating Go Eat, which is completely free. Go Eat allows you to create your own personalised storefront! Add your own branding, restaurant name, logo, colours, and images, as well as manage configurable products, categories, and modifiers.

Customers will appreciate just how easy your checkout process will be. They will only need to select their items and input their contact and payment information; they won’t need to register or sign in.

This means that the order is completed in three simple steps. In addition, as Go Eat is free, you can pass the savings on to customers in the product price. To learn more about Go Eat, please visit our website.


Even a successful business may benefit from actively seeking and implementing new and more efficient business processes. Monitor what works and what doesn’t in order to improve your company’s efficiency while it continues to grow, strengthen, and succeed.

The opportunity for efficiency and productivity is yours to seize with the technology and resources that motto has to offer. By implementing some of these tips, you can improve your company’s efficiency and see an increase in success, productivity, and profit.

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