Prepare Your Business for the May Bank Holiday

May 2019, before the pandemic, saw small businesses across the UK, including hospitality and leisure, make an estimated GBP 118m revenue boost. This was from consumer spending over both the bank holiday weekends that took place that month.

The hospitality industry has been struggling to get back to pre-pandemic levels of trading. With pandemic restrictions now fully lifted this May bank holiday, this industry will hopefully see similar levels of revenue compared to that of 2019.

If you own a hospitality venue, you want to make sure that customers are happy to spend money at your business this bank holiday. What better way to accomplish this than with the appropriate technology? By ensuring that your company has the right technology, you will not only improve customer service and employee performance, but you will also increase sales.

How motto transforms businesses with EPOS and payment solutions. 

Picture this you are a restaurant with an outdoor pub garden. You, or a member of staff, have to walk to the back of the pub garden to take the order of a group of six customers who are eager to be served.

You jot down the order of each individual then, walk back to the kitchen and bar to relay the order. Many customers are also waiting to be served as it’s a busy lunch period.

While you are doing this, you now must also process the payments of customers that are done with their meal and want to leave. This necessitates another walk to your fixed till to process the payment.

This is going to take double the amount of time as the group wants to split their bill between all of them. Also, you will have to wait until the fixed till is available to process your payment, which as this is a busy period, is going to be unlikely. 

Tension is now rising from both customers who have been waiting forever for their meal and staff who are struggling to serve everyone promptly. At this point, staff members may even be dealing with abuse from patrons. Other customers may have already decided to leave and not wait any longer for their meal and decide to visit your competitor down the road. 

This was a regular scenario experienced by many of our clients before they signed with us. You can read about it further by checking out some of our case studies. However, after signing with us and purchasing our handheld devices many of these problems were resolved. 

Man frustrated with waiting

Our handheld EPOS devices

After purchasing our handheld terminals, it meant that orders and payments could be processed at the table. Orders could also now be pushed automatically through to both the pub and kitchen printers, so staff no longer had to walk the extra steps to relay orders. When payments were taken bills could easily be split with a few simple taps of the device and receipts are given on the spot as devices have a built-in printer. 

 The overall result is:

  • Business operations are now streamlined. 
  • There is less stress and work for wait staff. 
  • Queue and serving times are reduced.
  • Your customer’s experience is a positive one which means they are likely to return and frequent your store more often. 
  • This all leads to an increase in sales and revenues. 

The only disadvantage is that business owners and their employees’ daily steps have decreased dramatically as a result of not needing to rush around everywhere! Unfortunately, we at motto do not have any technology in place to assist in the resolution of this problem.

Our affordable pricing 

As a small business owner while these scenarios are familiar you may still feel that these types of technology are not affordable to you. Our mission is to provide low-cost, affordable technology to SMEs. However, we understand that in this tough and volatile trading climate, even purchasing an affordable EPOS system is not an expense business owners can afford. 

That is why we offer our payment solutions as a stand-alone product at an affordable price. This allows even the smallest business to afford our payment solutions and meet consumer demands for contactless and fast and efficient payment acceptance systems for when they shop.

In addition, we collaborate with banking giant Lloyds whose payment solutions power our devices. In doing so they provide an e-commerce feature that allows payments from consumers to be made via links that can be sent by text or email. This further meets the demands of consumers for having fast, convenient, and contactless payment acceptance systems in place by businesses. 

With our transformative technologies in place, you can make the most out of the busy bank holiday period or any busy period. 

Waitress serving drink to customer

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You can learn more about motto by checking out our blog and case studies to see how we’ve helped and supported a variety of businesses.  

You can also contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales reps if you are looking for Online Ordering, EPOSPayments, or Loyalty Systems. 

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