EPOS – 5 Reasons Why Businesses Need It

The pandemic has been the harshest on the hospitality industry. Businesses have had to adapt by switching to online ordering, manoeuvring around Covid restrictions, and even now with attempts to go back to normal people are still taking a cautious approach. This means avoiding crowds and not visiting their local restaurants and café as they once used to. Add to the fact we are now entering the colder part of the year and having to deal with the usual pitfalls of a decrease in footfall and reduced trade that comes with winter trading, restauranteurs need to have an edge to survive and thrive. Here are 5 reasons why not signing up to motto is adding to your troubles.

1. You’re missing out on our loyalty solutions and all the advantages it brings to your business

Forget the old stamp loyalty cards that customers lose and forget. All they need is their debit/credit card or payment device and voila, you can redeem whatever offer they were entitled to. This provides a perfect opportunity to boost your sales via upselling. You can easily make a customer’s day by telling them that their Monday morning coffee they so desperately need is free.


No lengthy sign-up process and having to waste time entering customer details, you can make loyalty scheme designs that match your brand and logo, you can gain customer insights and find out which products are the most top-selling and which schemes work best, you can adapt adjust and modify them based on customer frequency and it’s simple to use. Through card tokenisation our software recognises the payment card or device the customer is using and triggers any loyalty offer they are entitled to. From then and you just tap, redeem, and go. It’s also a great way to stay ahead of your competitors.

2. If you haven’t signed up with us it means you don’t have an All-in-1 solution

We offer 4 key products. Payments, loyalty solutions, EPOS, and online ordering. We do this all in one. This means no different contracts, no multiple suppliers or contacts it’s all simplified and under one roof. Many of our clients had multiple payment needs and struggled to find one single company that could meet them. As a result, they had multiple contracts. This meant when there was a problem or a question they had to reach out to different contacts from different companies. All of which was time-consuming and a fuss. With motto this is not the case and in addition, we pride ourselves on our customer care. We take a hands-on approach so any queries, questions about product features, or training information we get back to you right away and discuss with you thoroughly so there is no confusion or misunderstanding.

3. Without our portable payment devices, your average time on table service is significantly higher than it should be

Our CEO Les Jeal told us of a pub he had recently signed to motto. It has huge premises with both indoor and outdoor dining. Staff, when taking orders for their outdoor dining customers, would have to journey a significant distance to take their order, come back and process them on their fixed till behind the counter. The only one they had. This meant they had to wait until other staff members, who were ahead of them, were done processing their orders on the till and only then could they process their orders. In the meantime the customers were piling in and being neglected as service was so slow and outdoor diners were wondering if they had been forgotten about. Once they signed up with motto all their problems were solved.

Our portable devices allowed them to take orders and payments anywhere on the premises while automatically sending the orders through to their kitchen. Staff are no longer stressed and rushing around everywhere, customers were served much quicker meaning their customer service satisfaction drastically improved and our CEO Les become their favourite person. The one complaint they did now have was their daily steps had drastically reduced. We have yet to come up with a solution to this problem.

4. Without our devices, your staff are most likely wasting a lot of time

Many restaurants still take orders via pen and paper. Nothing wrong with that. It’s worked since the first restaurant and café was opened and as the saying goes ‘if it ain’t broke…’ However, there are a lot of errors and time wasted when taking orders this way. Recently the motto staff had their monthly team lunch. There were quite a number of us. We could tell the wait staff was having trouble taking all our orders correctly and it took a while for the food to be served. When the food did finally arrive there were slight errors with our orders and it was an extra hassle for the wait staff to rectify them while having to attend to other tables. In addition, handwriting can be a problem. Wait staff quickly scribble down orders ineligibly leaving kitchen staff having to decipher what is written. Not to mention the staff need to remember menus and need to answer questions regarding dishes which can lead to errors. When customers do enquire about dishes if the wait staff doesn’t know the answer they’ll have to pop into the kitchen and ask the chef, all of which wastes time. Time theft is a major profit killer in the hospitality industry. This silent killer can unknowingly destroy already tight profit margins the industry struggles with.


With our devices, these problems are solved. You can upload your menu with all your dietary, nutritional, and allergen information and do so with pictures. The importance of a picture menu cannot be overlooked when considering average wait times. Adding in pictures can drastically reduce table service time. Having to scroll through and identify text can be time-consuming. Picture menus saves time and allow orders to be processed even more seamlessly. Both of our fixed and portable devices allow for picture menus and payment processing saving ample time for staff and significantly improving customer service levels.

5. If you don’t have motto in your life you are going to struggle with high staff turnover

Staff shortage in the hospitality industry is a problem. It is understandable. When customers are dissatisfied, especially if they have had one too many, it’s the bar or wait staff that bear the brunt of it. Not the ideal work environment anyone wants to be exposed to. However, having our devices and solutions in place can help enhance customer service levels which mean happier customers and also means many processes are automated. This means wait staff finds it easier to take orders, process payments, serve food and drinks more quickly and efficiently allowing them to spend more time on customer service and tending to diner’s needs. Something that can boost their tips. This all leads to staff that are less stressed and rushed and less likely to suffer abuse all of which can aid in reducing staff turnover.

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