Tips to Maximise Revenue on Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day approaching, many people will mark the occasion by expressing gratitude and love to their mothers and other caregivers.

Businesses have already started preparing for this day of celebration. Many people will go out to restaurants and pubs or buy gifts such as flowers or cupcakes to express their gratitude.

This blog will not only provide top Mother’s Day tips for your business, but it will also help you think about how you can improve your business so that every time you celebrate Mother’s Day, you make the most of it and earn the most revenue.

Are your payments streamlined?

Countless businesses celebrate Mother’s Day to increase their profits, but businesses end up forgetting why this annual event is such a success for them, or they don’t reflect on how they can improve next year.

As you prepare for a surge in shoppers on Mother’s Day, a card machine that can quickly and easily process your customers’ orders and payments will make all the difference.

Businesses can struggle during busy times, such as annual events like Mother’s Day. Ensuring that your card machines are suitable for your customers will allow your company to generate as much revenue as possible. Nobody wants to stand in line or wait for slow card readers at their table. You will be able to serve more customers during peak times if you streamline your payment process.

Also, your customers expect you to process payments quickly and efficiently. If your payment processing is quick, it will help you build a long-term, positive, strong brand reputation for your company, and more customers are likely to return.

How many of your customers make online purchases?

In today’s world, many customers prefer to shop online rather than visit a store or restaurant. Businesses will be getting their websites or online ordering platforms up and running early by uploading their Mother’s Day products.

Having a functional, user-friendly platform is critical for generating sales this Mother’s Day and in the future.

You may be using a third-party service to get your online orders to your customers. These third-party companies charge extortionate prices and service fees. For Mother’s Day, compare how many orders your website brought you versus how much it cost you. Many customers make reservations at restaurants where they have previously dined or buy products from stores where they have previously shopped. However, because you’re using a third-party service, you have to pay a lot of money. What if there was a way to reach your regular customers without having to pay such high fees?

Our online platform Go Eat offers you an online ordering platform that enables your to reach your existing customers without breaking the bank. If you want to learn more about our online platform, get in touch.

How can you offer customer loyalty?

Did you know that loyalty programmes are crucial to both businesses and customers? Loyalty programmes aid in the development of customer connections and the increase of customer lifetime value.

Celebrate your customers by giving back to them on Mother’s day. Maybe you could consider offering discounts and special offers. When you join motto, you’ll be able to use our powerful loyalty tool to help you make even more money at future annual celebrations.

Do you want data?

Mother’s Day is an excellent opportunity to examine real-time customer data. Our systems provide you with a wealth of data. Maybe you want to look at the top 20 products you sold on Mother’s Day. Or maybe you want to find out which meals were most consumed? Or how much money does your company make on this day?

All this information is critical to your company’s success. This data will show you how to improve your business so that every time you celebrate Mother’s Day, you make the most of it and earn the most revenue.

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