5 Key Ways for your Business to Prosper

In today’s atmosphere, running a hospitality business is a difficult task. It takes hard work, dedication, determination, and of course the right technology to help you survive and thrive. As of early March (22 Feb–7 March 2021), the ONS reported that 55% of hospitality businesses had temporarily paused trading, compared to 24% across all industries. Almost 1 in 5 hospitality businesses (19%) had “low confidence” that their business would survive the next 3 months.

So, if you are looking for ways to help your business survive through these uncertain times, here are 5 ways to help you do it.

1. Automate your processes

Time is valuable, and how long it takes you to take a customer’s order, send it to the kitchen, and deliver their order to their table is critical. Automating the workflow of all these processes aids in providing a speedier service and increasing your customer satisfaction levels, all of which can help increase your sales and profits. To do this you need to have the right EPOS system in place.

2. Have the right system

Here at motto, our systems are feature-rich and most importantly, affordable. Orders can be accepted from anywhere on your premises, relayed to the back office in real-time, and payments can be made on the spot.

In the card payment sector, SMEs have a difficult time finding cloud-based card payment providers that offer high-quality technology, at a reasonable price. With us, our company’s technology is more than adequate, and our pricing is more than reasonable.

3. Make sure you have full control over your take-away services

The hospitality industry is not known for its large profit margins. You further reduce margins by outsourcing your delivery services to a third party. Thanks to technology you can easily take full control of your delivery services.

Go Eat, an online ordering product motto has recently launched, allows retailers to easily construct their own storefront. You can easily add your own menu items, customise the style to match your brand, change the delivery charge and field, and create your own subdomain to link to from your website. As a result, you keep complete control over your delivery services at a fair cost and avoid paying expensive third-party fees.

4. Introduce an easy-to-use loyalty scheme

While loyalty apps are now all the rage, if you are an SME you’ll likely not have the time or resources to shell out for a fancy app. However, if you want repeat purchases from your customers introducing a loyalty scheme is the smartest way to go about it.

Our loyalty solutions at motto are contactless, completely configurable to your business, quick, and do not require a multi-step registration process. It functions in the same way as if you were making a contactless payment. Our systems can identify your customer based on their card or payment device and alert you whether they are eligible for any rewards. A simple and seamless process.

Most significantly, we do not overcharge. It’s perfect for small businesses that do not have a lot of money to spend on loyalty and for companies that are just getting started with loyalty programmes.

5. Only sign on the dotted lines with companies you trust

Working in the card payments industry has taught me that there are numerous unscrupulous EPOS businesses whose sole goal is to sign you up as a customer. When they want your business, they promise you the world. This includes guaranteeing you cutting-edge technological solutions that will enhance and transform your business for the better. However, once you’ve signed on the dotted line and realised the technology they promised isn’t what it appears to be, you’re left with minimal support and exorbitant exit costs to get out of your contract.

motto UK is a corporation that operates with the highest level of integrity. Our management team has previously worked for organisations that did not place a high focus on customer satisfaction or providing acceptable levels of support. That is why our purpose is to be the polar opposite by putting client satisfaction at the forefront of what we do.

With our company, you can have an all-in-1 contract, a dedicated account manager, and access to a dedicated support team that works quickly to resolve any problems you are having.

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