5 Tips For Preparing Your Business For Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, many businesses across the UK will be getting into the festive spirit and preparing their businesses. With Christmas bringing in large profits, staying ahead of the curve is critical.

During the holiday season, most businesses struggle with increased store traffic, increased online purchasing, and making the payment process as simple as possible. That is why now is the best time to invest in cutting-edge EPOS software that can be truly customised to your company’s needs.

Look at our top five tips for preparing your business for the holiday season. With EPOS, you can add some glitz to your holiday season.

1. Santa’s nice list receives loyalty rewards

Perhaps you’ll be offering Christmas cookies or allowing customers to redeem a free hot chocolate or eggnog. Whatever campaign you choose, using motto to set up your Christmas loyalty programmes, offers, and discounts has never been easier.

Forget about loyalty cards; this process can now be digitalised. Customers simply buy a Christmas item, and when they pay, the card terminal remembers their card and enrols them in the loyalty reward programme. Giving your customers Christmas gifts and discounts will ensure that they have a Merry Christmas

Clinking Glasses

2. Dreaming of a white Christmas or handled terminals?

So, you’re all set for the Christmas rush. Your shop is decorated, your menu is updated, and you’ve just received some new stock. Time to spruce things up with handled terminals.

With many longer queues, Christmas meal reservations, parties, and more orders employees may experience stress. Handled terminals can help to streamline the process and get those Christmas dinners and drinks to your customers as soon as possible.

motto portable devices enable you to take orders and payments from anywhere on your premises. Treat yourself, your employees, and your customers to a truly unforgettable Christmas.

3. Eat, drink and jingle with EPOS data

EPOS systems enable you to track real-time data, which will assist you in understanding your sales, popular trading times, and Christmas selling trends. You could easily determine which Christmas meal is selling the best, or which Christmas product hasn’t sold yet, so you know not to restock it.Christmas Dinner

4. Have Your customers a merry little Christmas

It’s the season of giving, and you want to wish your customers a Merry Christmas. Modern EPOS systems track your customers’ purchasing habits, allowing you to offer them gift vouchers and incentives.

Giving back to customers will not only improve customer relationships but will also increase your sales

5. All I want for Christmas is motto

This year, treat yourself to a gift because you deserve something special.

Our products and solutions are all-in-one, which means you can have an EPOS system, loyalty solutions, payment system, and online ordering platform all under one contract and one company. There will be no multiple account managers, just us and our jolly and merry team to help your business dreams come true.

Yes! I want motto

May your Christmas season be filled with peace and joy and please contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales reps if you are looking for Online Ordering, EPOS, Payments, or Loyalty systems.

If you’re curious about how motto can assist you, fill out our form and get started on your motto journey today.

You can also take a look at some of our other blogs and case studies to see how we’ve assisted and supported a variety of businesses.

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